Canterybury Classics Hardcovers

Fine, leather-bound editions of classic works of literature are the foundation of any good home library. Newly revised and updated, Canterbury Classics’ stunning, collectible compendiums feature some of the greatest literary names and masterpieces. As elegant as they are essential, these deluxe and reasonably priced releases are produced to the highest standards. These amazing collections will make an eye-catching addition to your home library and inspire you to rediscover the genius of these literary giants.


These collector’s books are available at Costco, Sam’s, Amazon, and other book retailers.

Title in the series:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Other Stories

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Other Stories

The Arabian Nights

The Art of War

Bulfinch’s Mythology

Classic Tales of Science of Fiction & Fantasy

Charles Dickens

Classic Tales of Horror

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Divine Comedy

Edgar Allen Poe

Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Andersen, The Complete Fairy Tales

H.G. Wells

The Holy Bible: King James Version

H. P. Lovecraft Tales of Horror

Iliad & Odyssey

Jane Austin

Jules Verne

Le Morte d’Arthur

Les Miserables

Mark Twain

Robert Louis Stevenson

War and Peace



  1. I would like to find the Edgar Allan Poe book in this picture, but can’t. Can anyone tell me where to find one?

  2. Where can i buy all as a box set ?

  3. Is their any kind of box set with all these titles?

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