Word Cloud Classics: Fiction Collection

Classic works of literature with a clean, modern aesthetic! Perfect for both old and new literature fans, the Word Cloud Classics series from Canterbury Classics provides a chic and inexpensive introduction to timeless literary tales. With a higher production value, these editions are the perfect gift for students and fans of literature everywhere. Purchase all the Word Cloud Classics as a set to complete your home library, or simply place them on a shelf to visually brighten up any room.

Word Cloud Classics

Each book includes heat-burnished covers, foil stamping, specially-designed endpapers, a smaller trim size that’s easy to hold, and a clean, modern aesthetic.

Titles available in the Word Cloud Classics—Fiction Collection:


  1. Marjohna says:

    Are these editions complete, unabridged and unadapted?

  2. Will there be more? I’m currently sad there isn’t an Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass edition

  3. I was very excited to FINALLY buy a copy of my favourite book (The Secret Garden) in one of your comfortable flexibound editions…and then I saw the font type used for the text.

    It doesn’t match the font in the Amazon “Look Inside” page that you linked to, at all, not by a long chalk: the type used in the actual book is by far and away the ugliest font I have ever seen. It looks like the blocky, squared, mechanical typeface you used to get from the old dot matrix printers back in the day, which completely and totally clashes with the nature-loving message of the book.

    I haven’t seen this horribly ugly font used in any of your other editions, so I have to think it must be a printing mistake. Please tell me that this font was an error, or that I may at least exchange the book for a copy printed with a decent text.

    Thank you in advance,


  4. Eric Larsen says:

    You say “None of them are unabridged”.

    I hope that you mean “None of them are abridged.”

  5. Amanda Nerbonne says:

    Do you have Peter Pan?

  6. I’m waiting impatiently for more Charles Dickens!
    Will we see more soon???

  7. Some of these editions are very pretty. I got “The picture of D. Gray” as a gift and loved it..

  8. I would just like to express my love for these amazing editions of classics. Currently I only own three of these editions and they have proved to be very durable and easy to read. Hopefully I will be able to obtain more of these editions in the future but i just wanted to express my absolute love for them so thank you for your hard work in making these books.

  9. Ken Thomas says:

    I love the style of these books. I have several, but am hoping for others like an Ernest Hemingway book with several of his works as well as Edgar Allen Poe. On a selfish note, would love to see “The Complete Chronicles of Conan by Robert Howard and all the James Bond books. I would love to have a massive library of these style books. Thank you

  10. Niki Estes says:

    I just found your Word Cloud Classics and I love the quality! I love the Anne of Green Gables books. Please, please, please release the other 7 books in the series in the Word Cloud Classics style. I would love to have a complete matching collection of the series.

  11. I really love these editions! So thank you for all the hard work you have put into them. I currently own a few of them and I hope someday I will be able to obtain more of them as i think they are very high quality. I kinda wish there was a war of the worlds one though 🙂

  12. Joyce Aguilar says:

    And ‘Journey to the center of the Earth’? That’s one of the favorite classics 🙁 We need it in your beautiful style.

  13. I have Little Women but the cover is dingy. How do I clean it without damaging the cover?

    • For ordinary dirt I’ve tried cotton with alcohol and it worked for me.

      But I bought one online and it came with a small pen stain that I can’t figure out how to remove. Any ideas?

  14. Sharon H says:

    These are a joy to read – so comfortable to the hand! May I suggest The Great Gatsby, A Little Princess, the complete Anne of Green Gables Set, Wuthering Heights, poetry of Robert Frost, Little House on the Prairie Series?


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