Day of the Dead Titles

Happy Día de los Muertos! Celebrate with one of our many Day of the Dead titles! Extreme Stickering Day of the Dead, Day of the Dead Postcards, Paint Your Own Day of the Dead Neon Rocks, 1001 Dot-to-Dot: Day of the Dead and Day of the Dead ColoringImmerse yourself in Día de los Muertos and indulge your crazy creative side! The Mexican celebration to remember loved ones is a whirlwind of patterns—iconic sugar skulls, beautiful marigolds, and intricate religious symbols. Paint, color, sticker, and draw your way through these titles!

Want more? Try out these downloadables from Day of the Dead Coloring and Postcards.

These 15 colorful stickering puzzles will bring hours of enjoyment. Each puzzle consists of a tessellated grid that includes a few clues to get you started, along with up to 100 reusable stickers to complete the design. When the last sticker is placed, you'll have a beautiful glossy art poster that can be framed on the wall.

These 20 detachable postcards celebrating the Day of the Dead are yours to color in and send to loved ones with a personalized message. Iconic sugar skulls, floral patterns, and other imaginative designs reveal the rich cultural tradition of this Mexican holiday.

If you enjoy arts and crafts, you will love painting your own neon rocks! Add colorful accents to your garden, houseplants, or room decor with your own flair of creativity. The kit includes four large river rocks, two acrylic paints, three neon paints, two paintbrushes, five dotting tools, and a step-by-step instruction book.

Celebrate a rich cultural tradition with 42 intricate puzzles in 1001 Dot-to-Dot: Day of the Dead. Each of the images that emerge as the dots are connected will inspire you to learn more about the history and celebrations associated with the Mexican festival.

Try your hand at coloring masks, skeletons, costumes, and candles while learning more about the origins of this remarkable festival. Day of the Dead Coloring is an extraordinary cultural experience, allowing you to forget the whir of day-to-day life.


  1. Joy Espinoza says:

    I don’t mind the appropriation od Day of the Dead because it encourages non-Mexicans to see that death is nothing to be afraid of.

  2. These books look like fun.Thank you for the chance ?

  3. Kristine Grigoli says:

    I love HALLOWEEN and these books look AWESOME

  4. Aloianita says:

    Christmas presents will be happening from y’all to my mom!!

  5. Gaye Valle says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway! I love to color!
    Ell Dia de Muerte

  6. Please pick me!!! I want to celebrate Day of the Dead.

  7. Tina Daily says:

    I love the coloring books. This gives me a chance at trying the other styles of the books.

  8. Kristina Harrison says:

    I love the books

  9. Love Los Dias DE LA Muertas

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