New Fun Formats GIVEAWAY

November is a time to relax and enjoy the changing weather, so grab a cup of hot tea and your favorite warm blanket, and try out our new fun formats with this giveaway. Scroll down and enter for a chance to win 5 fun adult activity books!  

Giveaway ends 11/20. US only.

One winner will win both of the following:

Winner will also choose one book from each of these series

For a total of FIVE books!


Enter here:


  1. Jennifer Essad says:

    this is a wonderful gift, thanks for the opportunity

  2. Terry Griffin Pearson says:

    Sweet! Even my 90 year old mum would appreciate this giveaway. Thank you so much for the chance.

  3. These look like some fun books! Thank you for the chance ?

  4. These look wonderful. I love books. They keep my mind off of chemo treatments and keep me happy. Thanks for the opportunity.

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