Get Snarky with Sarcastickers

Combine stickers, coloring, and a bit of sass, and what do you get? Sarcastickers!

This playful book contains 12 artist markers and more than 100 stickers to color for any occasion, including cute animals for kids, warm messages for family and friends, snarky reminders for frenemies, and frame stickers for your own creations.

Helpful tips and techniques encourage you to put your creative side to good use through doodling, color mixing, and hand lettering. And for those times when you just want to grab a goofy sticker and lighten the mood, full-color stickers are included.


  1. Terry Pearson says:

    Hmm and I know just the perfect snarky person for this! Happy s birthday is April 2nd.

  2. Love to win.awesome give away.

  3. Lori Smith says:

    This would be the ultimate win!

  4. Linda May says:

    This would be the perfect win for me, Thanks for your generosity.

  5. Lynda Hart says:

    I really would love to win,so I can share these with my family an friends

  6. Great

  7. Janet Meisner says:

    Thank you for giveaway.

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