New Jersey Then and Now

New Jersey Then and Now“Relying on historical photos for the “then” pictures and his own for “now,” Veasey captures a changing state. The photos give us a peek into what was and the essays explain what happened. He ably condenses decades, sometimes centuries, of history.”


Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln“The cover is padded, the illustrations and photographs are superb, and there are packets of facsimile documents to toy with – replicas of the Gettysburg Address, a “Wanted” poster, a Charleston Mercury newspaper section, a political ticket and other items. The book package is impressive, and it’s designed to sell…Sparking the book along is a fine selection of period photographs and illustrations. We see black and white portraits of Lincoln’s cohorts, Brady photos, period maps, cartoons and prints. This is the real prize here.”
Illinois Times

The Illustrated Sherlock Holmes

The Illustrated Sherlock Holmes“What makes this book unique is that it incorporates a number of pop-up elements. Yes, pop-ups. Scattered among the various full-color illustrations are eight pop-up creations that offer glimpses into the details of the two adventures.”
Geek Dad



The Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

“For those who have had a passionate love for these tales, Baker & Taylor Publishing have released a beautifully lavish edition of The Arabian Nights.  Leather-bound with gilded pages and a cover embossed with gold-lettering against a sea-blue background, this edition retains the old-world charm of a sumptuously full and care-worn book from a Victorian bookshop.”

Zombie Doodle Diaries

Zombie Doodle Diaries“A wide range of activities will keep the most restless youngster busy in the backseat of the car on a long trip…word finds, crosswords, mazes, and more.”
The Writer’s Journey



Sew Iconic

Sew Iconic“The book actually seems quite straightforward, and they seem to try to make things as easy as possible.”

“I devoured the galley in a single evening, and will, in all likelihood, be purchasing the real thing when it comes out this June so I can have the patterns; at the list price, the patterns for six dresses is a steal.” Review

“Fans of both steampunks and dieselpunks will find that there are garments inside the pages of Sew Iconic for them: from Marilyn’s white dress, to Kate Winslet’s beautiful Belle Epoch Titanic gown and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ flapper dress from Chicago, this is definitely worth checking out if you can and love to sew or wish to pick it up.”
The Gatehouse

Color Yourself Smart: Human Anatomy

Color Yourself Smart Human Anatomy“Are you a medical school student who fights to stay awake while reading dull textbooks, have a child that is interested in higher learning, or just plain love to learn fast and simply and like coloring inside the lines?  Well then, the perfect buy this holiday season is Thunder Bay Press’ book titled Color Yourself Smart, which details all parts of the human anatomy and is appropriate for readers of all ages.”
The Montgomery County Sentinel

Color Yourself Smart: Geography

Color Yourself Smart Geography“The book doesn’t just teach you countries and capitals, but also covers geography, political, social studies (population density/change, wealth and technology distribution), and environmental impacts. I can’t wait to dig into this book and expand my knowledge of the world.”


Natural Dog Care

Natural Dog Care“This compact book offers an introduction to many health options available; it’s not intended to replace proper veterinary care but instead provides a jumping-off point for your education on natural health care for your canine companion.”
North Shore News


101 Dishes to Eat Before You Die(t)

101 Dishes to Eat Before You Diet“Basically, all the most delicious foods in one book. Sure, you might not want to test out each recipe right before swimsuit season, but is life really worth living without the occasional plate of huevos rancheros or fettuccine Alfredo? (No, it’s decidedly not.)”
Food Lush



Shoe Love

Shoe Love“When playing dress-up with little Madison, hot moms would be wise to stash this popup book in the same spot as their prize Louboutins.”
Fashion Washington: D.C. Luxury Magazine



Phoenix Then and Now

Phoenix Then and Now“We really enjoyed reading this book and seeing how different locations in Phoenix have changed or stayed the same over the years.  This book would be the perfect gift or souvenir for someone that loves Phoenix.”
The Hot Sheet